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I am the Maiden of Freedom,
Forever Virgin, Holy Bride.
I am all beginnings
And the revealing light within the shadows.
Through me all that is good comes to birth.

I am the Mother of Compassion,
Forever fertile, Lady of the waters.
I am the creating force of love
And the strength which nourishes all that lives.
Through me the cause of life is served.

I am the Crone of Wisdom,
Ancient One, Keeper of the Cauldron.
I have seen everything, endured everything, and given everything.
I am death without which nothing can be transformed.
Through me understanding is attained.



Maiden, cast your circle white 
Weave a web of glowing light 
Stag and bear, hawk and wolf, 
Bind us to thee. 
Mother, cast your circle red 
Weave the strands of glowing threads 
Earth and Air, Fire and Water 
Bind us to thee. 
Old Crone, cast your circle black 
Weave the wisdom that we lack 
Sunlight, moonlight, starlight’s shimmer
Bind us to thee.
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Truly, the greatest gift you can give anyone is the freedom to allow that person to be and experience their own journey.


Marlene Dietrich


Marlene Dietrich

"Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option."
— Maya Angelou (via lavie-bohemme)